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Discover the Keys to Unlock Your Superhero Brain with Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams

March 31st, 2011

Join us for a special interview with our friend Jim Kwik. Jim is an expert in memory, speed-reading, and accelerated learning. Get ready to unlock your memory and brainpower, this call is one you won’t soon forget!

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Does your mind have trouble focusing?

Do you feel absent-minded or are senior moments coming early?

Is your brain overloaded and stressed with too much to learn and read, but not enough time?

Much like your body, with the proper lifestyle and training, your mind can be stronger, faster, more relaxed and agile.

On this entertaining, educational and empowering call, Mind Expert Jim Kwik will share with you:

  • 3 keys to a better memory
  • 7 tips to recalling more names than you thought possible
  • A little known technique to improve reading speed and focus 25-50%
  • His R.E.N.E.W.A.L. lifestyle for unlockingyour superhero brain


Discover Your True Nature — March 27, 2011

March 24th, 2011

We are excited to share with you how you can tune into your true nature.  What does that mean?  It means optimizing the way you live–every day.  The daily choices you make accumulate and determine how healthy and happy you are. It’s your attitude, action and intention.  Together they share their philosophy called the Willingway, which is a way to slow down and invite simpler habits into your life.  It’s about how to make the best choices in your food and exercise, how you breath and view the world.  The results are a healthier, happier and younger you. And that is your true nature.

Get your tickets now by clicking the picture below.  See you soon & see you there.  xo

Discover Your True Nature

Discover Your True Nature

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