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WATCH NOW: Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey

October 3rd, 2013

Discover the 6 doctors that are available to you anytime, anywhere — FREE!

Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams sit down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss how the prescription to a more mindful, connected life can be written by six doctors, on call for you anytime, anywhere: Dr. Air, Dr. Sun, Dr. Water, Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Exercise and Dr. Rest. Find out how becoming familiar with these (free!) concepts can help you better connect with your spirit.

Read more at!

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November 10th, 2011

If you think you are being lied to, you are…

This weekend, The Big Fix (unveils a huge coverup around the Gulf Oil Spill) premieres in Los Angeles.  The goal is to get 1,000 people to the theater and to have the movie compete for an Academy Award.   This is your personal invitation (and everyone you know) to come see the movie this weekend and join the directors and creators of this film for a Q & A (Josh Tickell & Rebecca Harrell will be at each screening).

‘The Big Fix’ premieres this weekend at the AMC Broadway Cinema on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA (Showtimes: Sat at noon and 2:30pm, Sunday at noon and 7PM).

Here’s some info about this movie which the New Orleans Times Picayune calls “EXPLOSIVE” and Gambit calls “MASSIVELY IMPORTANT”. The UK GUARDIAN says “It’s not every film that sets off on a mini-road trip with Peter Fonda, only to veer off into a night-vision goggle surveillance of a BP facility….”

The Big Fix is part daring journalism, part archival investigation and part eco-horror story. The Big Fix features Peter Fonda and received critical acclaim earlier this year as the only Official Selection documentary of the Cannes Film Festival.

Through interviews with scientists, government officials, journalists (including Rolling Stone’s Jeff Goodell who examined the Gulf spill in his article “The Poisoning”), attorneys (including New Orleans Toxic Tort attorney Stuart Smith) and Gulf States natives, The Big Fix recounts the events surrounding the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico and paints a disturbing picture of the aftermath of the largest oil spill in America’s history.

The Big Fix reveals the powerful political and corporate system that put profits over the health and long-term sustainability of people and the environment. No matter what the petroleum and government officials say, the oil is still gushing ashore, the seafood industry is wiped out, and tens, possible hundreds of thousands of locals are sick. But the truth will only ever be told if you take a stand by coming to the theater and make your support for this important story heard by purchasing a ticket.

Do you have a facebook list? An email list? A newsletter? Forward this email on and help spread the truth!




TICKETS ($10/matinees, $12/Sunday 7pm)

GET GOOD SEATS! RSVP with number in your party to: (there will be special RSVP seating waiting for you!)


Tapping the Source

November 11th, 2010

Bobby and I think it is important for people to be aware of a community of like minded souls that understand the importance of happiness, who understand that happiness is a choice, an attitude and a lifestyle. Watch this film and be inspired to find your connection to what makes you feel full happy and more alive. Here is a preview:

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Upcoming Events for August

July 6th, 2010

Happy Summer Everyone!

Two upcoming events for August I’d like to tell you about:

speakeasy-headerFirst, I will be speaking along with Bobbie at the very cool Wanderlust festival in Squaw Valley, CA (near Tahoe), as a part of their SpeakEasy series. Our talk is on Sunday at 1pm. You can find more details about this great event here:

Next, on August 8th – 13th, we’ll be at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY for a 3-day seminar. The workshop will focus on Yoga, Walking, and Self-Care. You can find more details here:


My New Radio Show

May 9th, 2010

radio_logo_1Bobby and I are really excited about our new show on Hay House Radio: “Earth Healers: Live Your True Nature” . The show airs every Wednesday morning 10am – 11am Pacific time. You can listen here or visit the Hay House website for more info.

Here is this week’s topic. Join us!

Wednesday, May 12 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am PDT: Living Your True Nature
Learn to live a more healthy and vibrant lifestyle with actress and author Mariel Hemingway and author Bobby Williams! Join them for Earth Healers and find out what it means to live your true nature.

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Upcoming Events – NYC and Long Beach, CA!

March 16th, 2010

I’ll be speaking at two great upcoming events in the next few weeks. First, I’ll be doing the keynote address along with Bobby Williams at the Go Green Expo in New York City on Sunday March 19th at 12:30pm. The topic will be “How to Green Your Life”.  Next, it’s the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, CA on Sunday March 28th at 12:00pm, also with Bobby. The topic for the Long Beach event will be “Project 99% Space: How To Fill Your Life With Grand Choices”. Which also happens to be the topic of my next book — but more on that soon!!


National Yoga Month and Global Mala!

August 20th, 2009

Sept. 20 Yoga Month and Global Mala Celebration, Los Angeles – FREE EVENT

Join 1,008 yogis celebrating 108 sun salutations Sept. 20 at HAX hangar (near LAX). The FREE yoga and conscious music festival features yoga teachers Mariel Hemingway, Mark Blanchard, Saul David Raye, Beth Shaw, Hemalayaa, Hala Khouri, Kia Miller and kirtan musicians Govindas and Radha, Tony Khalife, Travis Eliot, Zat Baraka, Michael Perricone. Enjoy free yoga classes at the LA YOGA stage, exhibits, healthy food, entertainment, kids and family fun.

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American Renewable Energy Day

August 18th, 2009

Thursday-Saturday August 20-22, 2009 Aspen, CO

The Problem IS the Solution: Wall St. meets Green St. – Creating the New Energy Economy

AREDAY: Since 2004 bringing leaders and educators together to promote the rapid implementation of renewable energy and energy efficient strategies as practical solutions to the climate crisis throughpresentation, performance, film and dialogue.

Thursday, 8/20, 9:30 AM
Women Powering Climate Action
Renewable Energy – Body, Mind, Spirit
Moderator: Sally Ranney StillWater Preservation, LLC.

Mariel Hemingway Mariel’s Kitchen
Christiana Wyly Satori Capital
Jessy Tolkan Energy Action Coalition
Lynne Cherry Author, Film Maker

Thursday, 8/20, 3:30 PM
Know Farmers; Know Food: Local Living Economies
Moderator: Brook Le Van Sustainable Settings

Mariel Hemmingway Mariel’s Kitchen
Judy Wicks BALLE
Michael Bowman 25×25 Nat’l Campaign
Don Smith Smith Algae Biofuels
Woody Tasch Slow Money


Manifest Your Soulmate

August 18th, 2009

DATE: Tuesday, August 18, 2009
TIME: 5:00 PM

Manifest Your Soulmate Free Teleconference

Join bestselling author Arielle Ford as she talks with popular author/actress/model Mariel Hemmingway about the best way to manifest your soulmate. In this free 60 minute teleconference presented by DailyOM, you will learn the key steps to manifesting your soulmate, if everyone has a soulmate, if there are more than one for each of us, and what are three things you can do in the coming week to begin putting into practice the principles to move yourself closer to finding your soulmate.

The free teleconference is Tuesday, August 18 at 5:00 PM PT (Los Angeles time).

Visit for details on how to participate for free.

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My Morning Ritual – Awake and Alive

June 23rd, 2009

For me to be alive and happy I have had to organize my life differently. I had to find time where I would otherwise have been stressing over plans undone or future desires unmet. I have moved into a space where how I wake up becomes the template for a day well lived. I awaken with the sun most days if I have gone to bed early enough the night before. I have realized over years of trying to defy the needs of sleep that rest is the most nurturing and powerful gift I give myself. Sleep heals and rejuvenates my body. It purifies my thoughts and regenerates brain function. It also is helps me defy the aging process to a certain degree…at night my body can fully relax, recharge and reorganize from a day of projects plans and expectations. I have had to learn to sleep. I used to believe that I was more efficient without sleep. I believed that I was more spiritual when I didn’t need much sleep. This has proven to be untrue. I always felt my energy was compromised. Now I get 8 to 9 hours where I used to only get 6. I am so much more at ease now.

I drink water first thing in the morning. I drink a glass of Noah’s water… a natural magnesium spring water that tastes sweet, or O2 Cool… a natural spring water with added oxygen. I sometimes spin the water in an oxygenating spinner which then further oxygenates my cells. I drink one full glass and then another half glass with a tablespoon of Himalayan Sea salt water mixed in… to get the nutrients of good salt… since beginning this practice not all that long ago I feel my immune system boosted. Water is critical to ones good health… good clean water has the ability to get rid of a headache create energy and un-fog your brain especially after a night of dreams and travel.

I then sit in my garden facing the light which is still making its way into a brighter sky. I breath at first natural breaths then variations of breathing that involve retaining air or alternate nostril breathing and sometimes quick breaths. I then rotate my spine while sitting crossed legged… I rotate one way then the other. A few minutes each side… I go up and back with my spine arching and rounding like a cat would do upon awakening. I roll my wrists and arms to find a fluidity of movement and the kinks of sleep get undone. I stand and swing my arms up and down and round and round… I roll my head each way and rotate my shoulders – these movements all to wake my body up to the new day. It can take 10 to 30 minutes depending on how much time I have or what my body needs.

The great joy that comes from the sun peaking over the hills and finding it’s way to my face while the air is still crisp is like being kissed by the Beloved. It says good morning in a way that no other kiss can say. Sometime I will continue and do some yoga postures, like cat cow, sun salutations and more, until I find that I am in a full back bend and the sun is now beating down on my chest and heating every tendon that is now liquid from slow intent motion designed to oil me.

After yoga I may workout… jump rope or lunge… swing kettle bells and do push ups, but the important movement happened slowly and organically and was my morning introduction to the day. Then I sit silently. Bindu, my dog rests in my lap and we both sit with eyes closed or open. I tune into my breath again and I listen. The chirps and buzzing… the call of busy mama birds feeding their chickadees and the racket a squirrel makes when a cat has been found looking nefariously in their direction, ready to pounce. I feel the crisp air turn warm and healing and I feel all my cells activated and I rejoice in all that I am grateful for. This is the way to begin a day. AWAKE, ALIVE and connected to myself and aware that the voice that comes to me as I sit, is my inner guidance… a voice that tells me I am okay and that this new day hold tremendous possibility.

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